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Prep Neighborhood Kitchen


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About Us

We use really good ingredients, and we make everything from scratch.
No shortcuts here, folks. That's why we call it Prep. We spend all day-every day prepping the menu. And that starts with ingredients that we are proud to serve you.

Our Adult Chicken Fingers start with Rock Cornish chickens which are free-roaming and never given hormones or antibiotics. They are breaded with seasoned breadcrumbs that we make in house from our leftover sourdough breads.

Our Pizza Dough starts with a blend of stone-milled northeast grains and is risen over 2-3 days with a natural starter in order to develop the best flavor.

Our House-made Pasta is made with only stone-milled flour and beautiful yellow yolks from pasture raised chicken eggs.

Our Greens, Fruits and Vegetables are all organic and come from farms in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

We even make the mustard on the Prep Cuban sandwich.

Prep Neighborhood Kitchen offers carefully sourced, thoughtfully prepared meals at an accessible price because we believe that good food is a right, not a privilege. Our farm-to-table menu will stay fresh and seasonal, so you’ll have something to be excited about each time you check back.
We take our craft seriously, and we are committed to providing an unparalleled neighborhood experience that you can enjoy with family and friends.


Mushroom Tagliatelle
Beet & Cucumber Salad
Chicken, Bacon, Scallion Pizza
Chicken Parm Pizza
Zucchini Pancake
Strawberries & Whipped Cream
Mushroom & Fiddlehead Pizza