About Us

Workbar has a membership of 1500+ comprised of entrepreneurs, start-up companies and established professionals that benefit from a connection to Workbar's community.

Located in a restored piano factory, Workbar Arlington is a cozy and elegant coworking and office space with all of the amenities of a top-tier office, without any crazy fees or hassles. Located on both public transit and the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway, Workbar Arlington is both convenient and comfortable.

Workbar Arlington also offers its cafe space to the public for private events. Whether you’re looking to host a meetup, conduct a workshop, or throw a speed-networking event, Workbar’s stylish spaces will help to ensure that your attendees’ experience is unique and memorable.

In additional to proving smart workspaces and event spaces for companies and professionals, Workbar offers state-of-the-art private meeting room rentals. Our meeting room inventory includes large, medium and small meeting rooms located in some of Greater Boston’s most desirable locations.

Workbar’s innovatively designed spaces – including coworking neighborhoods, private offices, and suites for groups – offer a wide range of amenities plus access to a collaborative environment of thriving startups, creative entrepreneurs, independent professionals, and enterprise teams.

At Workbar, we are eager to help you grow your business while supporting our community. Whether you’re a real estate broker, event planner or a company that could offer our community a great perk, we want to hear from you.


 Where work and life are actually in balance.
 Where motivated professionals make the most of their day.
Where you can do your best work, on your own terms.
 Where commutes become shorter and connections, stronger.