Town's Proposed Zoning By-law Amendments Present Strong Model for Growth

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February 26, 2019

The Arlington Chamber of Commerce believes that the Town’s proposed zoning by-law amendments present a strong model for growth.  At a time when some of the Town’s long term businesses have shut their doors and retail spaces sit vacant, the status quo is not sustainable.  In order to ensure the prosperity of our town, we must adopt a more flexible approach to zoning which encourages new commercial and residential development.


By encouraging increased mixed-use development at all income levels along Arlington’s commercial corridors, we put the town in a position to attract new and diverse businesses while continuing to sustain our current economic base.  In turn, this development will help to spur public and private revitalization in our business districts.


We are in full support of the Town’s forward-looking Master Plan, approved at the 2015 Town Meeting, to stimulate quality development and economic growth and we encourage supporters to join us by attending and voicing your opinion at the Redevelopment Board’s public hearings on all Mondays in March at 7:30 p.m.

Beth Locke

Executive Director - Arlington Chamber of Commerce

on behalf of the Chamber's Board of Directors